[Marxism] good essay on education

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 12:59:30 MDT 2011

Serious change requires different priorities, new concerns, and these things
aren't about theories of learning but about power.

And you can't teach people about power?

I don't really understand your claims.  A persons understanding about
the world around them is learned.  Having a captive audience of young
minds is just about the perfect place to teach them a slightly
different understanding about the world, or at least introduce them to
the idea that they should think critically about the dominant
discourse.  I would say you can have more of a radical impact than say
if you were a bus driver, but of course social learning isn't confined
to the class room so every has the opportunity to make change.  I
think educators have a very slightly greater capacity to do so though.


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