[Marxism] Secrtarian violence in Ireland - a deeper look

jmcanulty jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jul 11 16:37:43 MDT 2011

The facts about the June attacks on Short Strand are unambiguous. "Ugly 
Doris," the local commander of group of vicious sectarian killers 
called the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), led almost 100 paramilitaries 
in an unprovoked attack on the Nationalist ghetto. The initial attack 
was clearly a military operation, with a co-ordinated attack where the 
participants wore balaclavas and surgical gloves to avoid leaving 
forensic evidence. Broader sectarian rioting broke out. Shots were 
exchanged and two attackers and a press photographer were injured

so often in the North of Ireland, it in the aftermath that things 
become obscure. One would have expected outrage from the victims, 
denunciation by press, politicians, church, state and trade unions - 
the sort of moral panic that followed the killing of a police constable 
recently. This would have led to a vigorous police action, possibly 
leading to UVF leaders who have been released on license being returned 
to jail, as happened recently to leading republican Marian Price, 
jailed for holding a speech transcript for a speaker at a republican 

full report http://www.socialistdemocracy.org/RecentArticles/RecentShortStrandTheAnatomyOfASectarianState.html

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