[Marxism] Should all reporting in imperialist media about Libya be dismissed? (Was:Re: U.S. Helps “Rebels” Murdering Black Libyans)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 06:28:58 MDT 2011

I'd be obliged if Fred would point out where I ever suggested that "all
reporting in imperialist media about Libya" should be dismissed.  The
reality of this debate has been that the cheerleaders of the Libyan state
cherry-picking what they want to swallow hook line and sinker and what they
want to dismiss out of hand as mere imperialist propaganda.

I suggest that a healthy skepticism is order regardless of what the story
suggests.  In this case, the internal absurdity of the story are the
vagaries behind the assumption that "the rebels" are actually a unified
force defined from the outside.  They almost never are.


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