[Marxism] good essay on education

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 09:11:37 MDT 2011

I don't think I said anything about inculcation (even the most
educated sometimes lack reading comprehension skills).  My point was
that applying a scientific view on social relations helps to break
down the ideologically imposed consciousness of capitalist society.  I
use the term scientific a bit differently than you though, as
historically whenever the cry for scientific objectivity has been
raised it is simply a cover for conservative views.  Exposing students
to different ways of interpreting society, and not necessarily radical
interpretations, lends itself to improved abilities to critically
evaluate the world around them.  This is the only improved capacity to
engage in social change that I think educators have.  Teaching them to
think for themselves, not indoctrination. Just to be clear.


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