[Marxism] : A disservice to the antiwar movement

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Tue Jul 12 12:17:30 MDT 2011

Eli said:
"Why does ANSWER at its forums and demonstrations ALLOW pro-Gaddafi 
speakers (like Cynthia McKinney and Akbar Muhammed) to speak, and not 
allow people calling for Gaddafi's ouster to speak? Because the former 
are also opposed to the U.S./NATO intervention, whereas the latter, even 
if some of them claim to oppose the bombing, objectively (if indirectly) 
support it by echoing imperialist rationales for intervention, and 
reinforcing them in the minds of Americans, thus INCREASING support for 
the intervention, whatever their alleged opposition to it."

I don't like to differ with Eli on the list because he has  sort of 
become turned  the Official Marxism List Punching Bag. I am familiar 
with this assignment from my SWP days, and my sympathies go to people 
who are in that kind of  position. But his latest comments go a bridge 
too far, in my opinion.

Sorry Eli, this is tortured and ultra-sectarian reasoning. While you 
start out saying that the issue isn't supporting Gadhafi in your 
meetings, you end up saying that every one who doesn't and says so  
"objectively (if indirectly)" supports the bombing.  That is smearing 
with a broad brush.. So the issue isn't supporting Gadhafi but opposing 
the war;  but anybody who doesn't support him is supporting the war, so 
you can only get in if you support Gadhafi (with or without mentioning 
his name).
So Gadhafi, not the war, turns out being the make or break issue that 
defines opposing the war. .

Your interpretation of the psychology of the American masses is also 
peculiar. You insist that
if people hear a critical word from a single other human being about 
Gadhafi,  they are immediately inflamed with militant support for the 
bombing, a ground invasion, and whatever it takes to remove him. The 
situation here isn't very good right now, but it definitely is not that bad.

In fact, even in this case, antiwar sentiment is building among people 
in this country, mostly among people who don't have a nice word to say 
about Gadhafi and don't really know much about Libya.

Your position makes no sense except as sectarian exclusion and, if you 
take it seriously and insist on it,  you will be out of any antiwar 
united front., which in your view of this matter would consist mostly of 
supporters of the war.

This is my fifth and last post for today.

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