[Marxism] The Belarus Formula

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 14:38:43 MDT 2011

What I hear about Cuba's democracy sounds very much like the claims I get
from people about Libya's democracy. But my understanding is it actually
exists in some form in Cuba? That is, democracy is very strong at the lower
levels of government and the whole population is very active in this. Though
they also have huge turnouts for large elections (in the 90%'s?). Basically
here democracy is seen as selecting between two candidates you can hardly
tell the difference between every 4 years and anyone without that has no
democracy. (I'm not saying that is what Dan was implying! I'm just trying to
understand more about what Cuban democracy really is.)

So while it may not be a complete 'workers democracy' it has some aspects of
'workers' democracy'?


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