[Marxism] Payment for services rendered

Dan DiMaggio dan.dimaggio at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 08:28:21 MDT 2011

Open Secrets says the Obama administration will release the names of its
bundlers, the extremely wealthy and well-connected people who are leading
much of his campaign's fundraising effort by talking to their extremely
wealthy and well-connected friends.


In Obama-speak, these people are far eclipsed by the "small dollar, everyday
people," of course. Another article reported that the Obama campaign said
that 98% of donors gave less than $250, and the average contribution was
$69. I suppose we can wait for the actual statistics, which Open Secrets
will immediately analyze, but ... if you do the math on that one, I think
you'll pretty quickly come to the conclusion that most of the money is
coming from big donors.

I'm not trained in statistics, so I can't do the math (at all), but, for
example, if 98 people gave an average of $50 each, that would be $4900. To
get an average contribution of $69 (for 100 donors), the other 2 out of
those 100 would have to give $1000 each, meaning 2% of donors would be
responsible for 29% of the money raised. Now, since Obama has *routinely*
been holding dinners priced at $30,000, I think you can see how these donors
might be responsible for a disproportionate amount of money here .....

Please correct or improve my math if it's wrong.


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