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Wed Jul 13 14:59:00 MDT 2011

Here is half of Fred Feldman's message which was discarded
by mailman if sent in entirety.   Let's see if this
half makes it through. H.E.

> Comment before article on the threat to freeze SS: The president 
> is clearly now on a war footing against Social Security and 
> Medicare, determined to become known as the president who took on 
> these entitlements and the deadbeats who rely on them. The 
> threatened freeze on SS in the coming "crisis" would be a great 
> way to introduce permanent cuts that would be required in order to 
> get the system back on line.
> Obama aims to convince the super-rich that there is nothing the 
> Republicans can give them that he cannot  give them, and some 
> things he can give them that Republicans would fail to pull off. 
> The collapse of the Ryan budget plan and the comparative success 
> of the Obama campaign against SS so far are examples.
> He expects the reward to be the $100 million-plus campaign 
> treasury his team is seeking for 2012.
> It may be hard to imagine a campaign against the unemployed in the 
> spirit of the campaign against welfare from the 1970s through 
> 1994, when Clinton pulled off "the end of welfare as we know it," 
> decimating the program -- the first major federal assault on the 
> Social Security programs won under Roosevelt.
> If you remember, welfare was the cause of weakening families, 
> drugs, unemployment, and crime among Black people in particular. I 
> foresee  that we will soon start being told (probably not until 
> after the 2012n vote)  that unemployment compensation is creating 
> a "culture of poverty" and long-term unemployment among those who 
> receive these benefits..  Cutting or eliminating  unemployment 
> insurance would surely be a way to inspire businesses to "provide 
> jobs," and to force the long-term unemployed to get out of the 
> wagon and start pulling their share of the load.  Perhaps 
> unemployed workers will be forced into the fields or into  Sheriff 
> Arpaio's chain gangs in Arizona to qualify for the reduced checks.
> The campaign to "end welfare as we know it" began with the policy 
> of "benign neglect" of the Black community and the poor and 
> nonwhite more generally. under Nixon, pushed forward by the 
> liberal  Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  Today, it is clear that the 
> Obama administration has set off on a course of "benign neglect" 
> of long-term unemployment.  The unemployed are beginning to be 
> demoted from temporarily disadvantaged members of the "middle 
> class" who deserve help to being part of a more-or-less permanent 
> "underclass" who represent a threat to decent, hard-working people 
> (like the welfare recipients and "criminals" of the 70s through 
> the 90s).

The rest of the message is snipped, to see if this half makes it


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