[Marxism] Payment for services rendered

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Wed Jul 13 15:45:41 MDT 2011

 > Please correct or improve my math if it's wrong.

   Good point. But I have to ask, does it really matter? Who cares if the 
small donors contributed 96% of the money and the big money donors only 4%.

   The question becomes, who is going to have their phone call answered and 
be listened to -- a random anonymous working class or college student donor 
who contributed $69, or a big money donor that made a $30K donation and 
bundled money of others. We know the answer to that one and don't even need 
to do the math.

"The organization has concluded that the United States is now the principle 
violator of human rights and freedoms worldwide." -- Amnesty International's 
annual report on human rights. Shoot the messenger or solve the real 

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