[Marxism] Chavs:The Demonization of the Working Class

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The term is probably two years past it's sell-by date here in the UK. It was
mostly used by the working class people anyway,  although Owen Jones is
right to say it was picked up by the press as a moral panic catalyst. In
this sense, I think it speaks as much to the individualisation that's
occurred since the Eighties and helped along the way by Blair too - rather
than being some liberal conspiracy. Different generations of youth have
often been demonised by the ruling class and there's an element of that at
play too - kids from wealthier backgrounds and areas can be found in the
same fashions ('streetonians'), although obviously these teens can enjoy the
benefit of ditching the tracksuit for a pinstripe when the necessity arises.

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> BBC discussion about Chavs.
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