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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 14 08:20:53 MDT 2011

The Brecht Forum
451 West Street(Between Bank and Bethune)
212-242-4201 ext.11

Thursday July 14- 6:30 PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9:30-4:30


Opening Discussion & Orientation - Thursday, July 14 @ 6:30pm

They Say Austerity, We Say Solidarity!

33rd Annual Intensive Introduction to Marxism

Younes Abouyoub, Kazembe Balagun, Nyaza Bandele, Matt Birkhold, 
David Braun, J.J. Brown, Randy Martin, Donna Murch, Shahid Stover, 
Juliet Ucelli, Lincoln Van Slutyman, Tim Schermerhorn, Ganesh 
Trichur, Rick Wolff & Others TBA

The Brecht Forum’s annual Summer Intensive is designed as an 
introduction to the theoretical and practical traditions that 
trace their origins to the works of Karl Marx and Frederich 
Engels. In laying bare the inner workings of the capitalist system 
of wealth production and distribution, Marx and Engels laid the 
basis for theoretical explorations into every area of human 
activity from art criticism to the environment. As the current 
crisis deepens, and as working people watch the values of their 
homes plummet, and their savings wiped out, and the State finds 
itself deploying more of the public wealth to save private capital 
people are demanding answers that respect their intelligenceand 
get to the root of the problem.

Through lectures, readings and lively discussion, in an adamantly 
open-minded environment, participants will be introduced to Karl 
Marx' revolutionary critique of capitalism--not to find a 
ready-made blueprint for change, nor a dogma that excludes other 
traditions, but for tools of analysis that can help us to think 
more strategically and act more effectively.

Register here: 

Schedule here: http://brechtforum.org/intensive-schedule

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