[Marxism] Table of contents for the new Logos Journal

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Fri Jul 15 07:10:55 MDT 2011


Special Issue
Undoing a Century of Reform:
The Great Reversal in American Politics

Philip Green: Farewell to Democracy?

Charles Noble: Goodbye to all that? The Very Uncertain Future of 
the American Welfare State

Douglas S. Massey: Race and the Stunted Growth and Rapid Decline 
of American Liberalism

Teresa Ghilarducci: The End of Retirement

Claire Snyder-Hall: “Real Housewives” and the Decline of Civic Virtue

Stephen Steinberg: The Role of Race in the Devolution of the Left

Henry Giroux: Neoliberal Politics as Failed Sociality: Youth and 
the Crisis of Higher Education

In Memoriam: Bob Fitch

Stephen Eric Bronner: Remembering Fitch: Recollections of a 
Solitary Syndicalist

Review Essay

Surge Protectors? Two Books on the Iraq War
Reviewed by Amy L. Buzby

Book Reviews

Anna Grear, Redirecting Human Rights: Facing the Challenge of 
Corporate Legal Humanity
Reviewed by Charlie Cray

George Scialabba, What Are Intellectuals Good For? Essays and Review
Reviewed by Geoffery Kurtz

Pedro Pérez Sarduy, The Maids of Havana
Reviewed by Linda Etchart

Arthur Koestler, Individualist Michael Scammell, Koestler: The 
Literary and Political Odyssey of a Twentieth-Century Skeptic
Reviewed by John G. Rodwan, Jr.

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