[Marxism] US recognition of Libya opposition opens possible $30 billion in assets

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Sat Jul 16 07:57:59 MDT 2011

The move frees the United States to provide the assets to the opposition 
as the administration pleases, in exchange for full cooperation with US 
and US-led NATO objectives. The access the opposition will now have to 
the assets, for a price, will further tear away at the remaining shreds 
of independence of the so-called "revolutionary" movement. All these 
supposedly noble deeds of Washington and allies were typical elements of 
an imperialist war drive against a nation in this broad Arab-Islamic 
region (from Morocco to Pakistan, so far) in the name of ridding the 
world of "evil dictators."

It can be argued that many of the assets were in fact stolen by Libyan 
government officials and other Libyan capitalists. The likelihood that 
this is true is completely beside the point. The seizing of the Libyan 
assets was an act of war and plunder by US imperialism against Libya and 
its independence and sovereignty. As with the unseating of Libya's 
representatives in the UN, the arms embargo, the UN resolution, the no 
fly zone -- all these moves were typical of imperialist war drives 
supposedly aimed against "evil dictators" in an "arc of instability" 
stretching from Morocco to Pakistan

All these moves should be opposed in this case and in any coming war 
against an "evil dictator" or yet another semicolonial "Hitler."

Washington's opening to sharing these assets with the opposition should 
help to overcome ny traces of independence or human solidarity among the 
opposition's leadership -- more of whom now have a shot at getting into 
the recomposing Libyan ruling class through obedience to US-NATO 
demands. Making the assets available to the opposition is a deliberate 
act of corruption by Washington.

I'm going to express two opinions that I can't claim are final since I 
am not close enough to the situation to say with certainty. I don't 
believe that there is a revolution taking place in Libya today,. As far 
as I can see, reaction has regained control on all sides of the 
situation, in contrast to the early phases of the war when the masses 
were able to act for a time. As an obvious corollary, I do not regard 
Libya as part of the Arab spring and do not believe that there would be 
anything progressive about the fall of Gadhafi under the existing 
circumstances (allowing that some totally new element of mass action 
could enter the scene, which nobody expects at present.
I think the "Arab Spring" in Libya has been defeated for now, partly by 
the Gadhafi's repression but much more so by the consequences of the 
imperialist war, as well as the opposition's support for and 
subordination to the imperialist war..

Obviously, under these circumstances I do not advocate slogans "Down 
with Gadhafi!" or "Victory to the Rebels!" today. I believe that 
whatever the obviously antiwar intentions of those who raise these 
slogans, they are logically contradictory to demanding the end of NATO 
bombing and other warlike intervention (including the seizure of the 

(It goes without saying that I am completely opposed to such slogans as 
part of the platform of an antiwar coalition since that would exclude 
any opponent of the war with a different view, including myself.)

I consider the defeat of the imperialists in Libya as the lesser evil, 
even if that means that the Gadhafi regime remains in power for however 
long or that the opposition military force is defeated.

The Libyan people will rise again but, today, that is the hope and 
expectation of the future, not the situation at present.
Fred Feldman

U.S. Will Recognize Libyan Rebels
Move clears the way for group to gain access to nation's $30 billion in 
frozen assets.
By Christina Gossmann | Posted Friday, Jul. 15, 2011, at 3:05 PM EDT

The U.S. will formally recognized Libya’s rebels as the country’s 
legitimate government, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Friday.

The move comes after roughly five months of fighting by the group to 
oust Libyan strongmanuammar Qaddafi, and opens the door for the rebels 
to access some of the nation’s $30 billion in assets that have been 
frozen by the U.S. government.

“I am announcing today that, until an interim authority is in place, the 
United States will recognize the TNC as the legitimate governing 
authority for Libya, and we will deal with it on that basis,” Clinton 
said, referring to the rebels’ Transitional National Council, according 
to the Washington Post.

France, Germany and Italy have previously formally recognized Libya’s 
rebel group as the country’s legitimate government.

"It's a strong signal of support for the NTC and reflects the growing 
consensus that it is increasingly competent, is reaching out to Libyan 
people across the country and reinforces the point that Gaddafi must 
go," a Foreign Office spokesperson told the Guardian.

Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

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