[Marxism] Jeff Greenfield on how a 3rd party might arise

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 16 08:58:47 MDT 2011

Many years ago Greenfield was a WBAI reporter. In his ascent into 
mainstream broadcasting, his earlier affinities disappeared. That's what 
makes this crystal ball article interesting:

The labor movement had provided the foot soldiers and the financial fuel 
for the Democratic Party for decades, But now, thanks in good measure to 
the most “progressive” members of that party, there was no work for the 
men and women who built houses, maintained roads or worked for 
contractors whose invoices the government could not pay. How was this 
good for labor?

“We must return to bipartisanship!” the political class thundered. And 
from countless corners of the country came this question: Just what had 
bipartisanship done for us lately? In the 1990s, the Clinton White House 
and the Republican Congress jointly embraced the explosion of so-called 
innovative financial instruments, free of regulation, that within a 
decade had trashed the economy, wiping out millions of jobs and 
trillions of dollars’ worth of savings. A few years later, a Republican 
president gained the support of prominent Democrats as he led the 
country into a disastrous war.

“When 2 parties are gridlocked — disaster,” read one widely circulated 
tweet. “When 2 parties work together — disaster. Enough!”

Then came two House special elections in late October 2011. In a heavily 
Democratic congressional district in California, a 55-year-old school 
administrator — running as an independent with the slogan “Enough!” — 
routed her Republican and Democratic opponents with nearly 60 percent of 
the vote. And in an Ohio district that had been voting Republican since 
the Civil War, an unemployed factory hand, running with the same slogan, 
trounced his major-party rivals. Within two days after that second vote, 
hundreds of Facebook pages and Web sites had emerged, all working off 
the “Enough!” theme.


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