[Marxism] Colombia Struggles to Contain FARC in Cauca

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Sun Jul 17 14:16:17 MDT 2011

Adrienne Pine on Insight and a previous article by the same author:

InSight, the Soros-funded website/think-tank dedicated to reporting on
"Organized Crime in the Americas," is today reporting that there is a
Refuge for Al Qaeda in Honduras (adding a question mark in a
Fox-News-like move to cancel out journalistic responsibility). The
author, Elyssa Pachico, cites the oh-so trustworthy source La Prensa,
which financed the 2009 coup and helped pay Lanny Davis's bills to
lobby for Micheletti, which itself cites the oh-so-trustworthy source
of the U.S. Embassy in Honduras, which has been actively lobbying to
frame the resistance as violent thugs/terrorists in coordination with
security minister Oscar Alvarez's new anti-terrorism law, in claiming
that two—count 'em, TWO—Afghan men have been found in Honduras.
¡National Security Alert!



> Interesting article, notwithstanding its political bent, but maybe it
> is even more compelling due to its political opposition to the FARC,
> given the conclusions it reaches regarding the increased tactical and
> urban fighting capability of the latter.
> Greg McDonald

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