[Marxism] Robert Baer warns that Israel will attack Iran in September

John Glastonbury jglastonbury at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 12:49:33 MDT 2011

Um.... what is total crap? War mongering? Blustering about war mongering? I

Me pointing out this pressing issue, this potential flashpoint, is not total
crap. The US spent a good part of the 90's blustering and bellowing about
Iraq, and finally did what it wanted on the flimsiest of pretexts in 2003.
Being so dismissive of, after all, a fellow comrade is rude and
disheartening to someone trying to find a place on this list...

There has been a secret war of sorts between Israel/US and Iran for some
time now. Assassination of the iranian nuclear scientists. Iranian funding
and support for Al-Sadr in Iraq. Etc.

There are real geopolitical reasons for Israel and the US to prefer a
conflict NOW rather than later.... And, as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
wind down, and here in the US, austerity gets worse, I can bet you that the
need for an external enemy will help to divert some of the attention. NOW
means Obama could force through a re-instatement of the draft, and be
guaranteed re-election. NOW means military keynesianism to sidestep
austerity and homefront decay. NOW means Netanyahu will be re-elected too.
NOW before the Iran/Russia/China (Pakistan/North Korea... etc...) axis
becomes too strong.

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This is total crap. Both Israel and the U.S. know that, despite all their
blustering in public, designed to keep their war machines going (and in the
case of the U.S. to keep up the justification for the economic and
subversive warfare on Iran), that Iran doesn't pose the slightest threat to
either of them.

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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