[Marxism] An amusing comment under my crossposting of Paul Leblanc's talk on Marxism and organization

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 18 16:21:07 MDT 2011

Indeed, I always consider socialist formations in the US to be akin to 
the various period reenactment groups -- Civil War, US Revolutionary War 
-- that congregate in similar numbers.  Renaissance fairs also come to 

There are subtle differences.  War reenacters only get together on the 
4th of July, Memorial Day and a few weekends a year.  Socialist 
formations have no formal costume requirements and are much less 
dramatic, though people still sing Internationale.  Most reenacters 
probably operate from stereotypes and aren't well read.  But most 
socialist members are extremely intellectual and significantly 
contribute to furthering the tradition of socialist history.

But there is one significant difference.  The historical fundamentalist 
political genuflection to Lenin, Trotsky and all makes the REENACTER 
appear sane since they likely know their activities are no more than a 
hobby and just part of role-playing and make-believe.

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