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Mon Jul 18 18:20:55 MDT 2011

By *Dick Nichols*, Dublin

July 16, 2011 -- Ireland’s seven-month-old United Left Alliance is the 
“new kid on the block” of European anti-capitalist parties. Launched on 
November 27 last year, it emerged from the February Irish national 
elections—where its name didn’t even appear on the ballot paper—with 
five TDs (/Teachta Dála/, members of the Irish parliament, the Dail). To 
date the ULA has also won 20 positions in local councils and one seat in 
the European parliament.

In the Dail, the ULA TDs have already had successes, like forcing the 
government to back off from abolishing the Joint Labour Committees that 
set wages and conditions in some industries.

However, the party still has a great deal of building ahead of it—in 
program, party structures and decision-making processes, and in 
communication with its potential public and its own members.

At present the ULA is led by a committee representing the founding 
organisations—the Socialist Party (SP), Socialist Workers Party (SWP), 
People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA) and the Tipperary-based Workers and 
Unemployed Action Group (WUAG)—and decisions there are taken by consensus.

The challenges facing the ULA were discussed at its first national 
public forum, held on June 25, 2011, in Liberty Hall, Dublin.

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