[Marxism] How Germany Profits from Greece's Crisis

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Tue Jul 19 07:30:05 MDT 2011

How Germany Profits from Greece’s Crisis

By Ingo Stützle

At the beginning of April 2011, Hans-Jürgen Arlt and Wolfgang Storz presented a study of the German daily tabloid Bild. In it, the media scholars analyzed the Bild series “Geheimakte Griechenland” (“Secret Dossier: Greece”), and came to the conclusion that Bild works with (racist) stereotypes and worldviews. The series lacks all journalistic standards; Bild constantly takes on “the role of the right-wing populist party missing in Germany’s political landscape.” (www.bild-studie.de) Hard accusations, but Bild’s “system” works. A mere month later, Chancellor Angela Merkel made use of the racist figure of the “lazy Greek”: whoever wants German help should please go work and not take an early retirement pension or constantly take vacations.

Full article: <http://communism.blogsport.eu/2011/07/19/how-germany-profits-from-greeces-crisis/>

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