[Marxism] For the defeat or uncoditional end of the NAT) war on Libya

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 19 08:53:17 MDT 2011

Fred stated: "Here is my broad general conclusion: I consider the defeat of the imperialists in Libya as the lesser evil, even if that means that the Gadhafi regime remains in power for however long or that the opposition military force is defeated. My pivot is the defeat of the imperialists, rather than the continuity of the Gadhafi regime.  After all, it is possible that a genuine democratic revolutionary upsurge could revive among the Libyan people, even while the imperialists were attacking for their own reasons or the current recognized opposition."

Thanks, Fred, for this clearly expressed view. It makes my disagreement all the better to express as well. The trouble with this position is NOT in its conclusion; I doubt anyone would have any difficulty recognizing that the primary focus, in our countries, is to end the imperialist attempt to stem the continuation and extension of the Arab Spring into Libya and to other "seasons" for that matter  (well, maybe I am wrong about "anyone"). Indeed, in one sense, your position seems a tautology leaving at least me to "scratch my head" wondering "yeah, so, what is else is new?" 

The problem does not lie in the conclusion (good thing), but in the motivation that extends the opposition to imperialist intervention into the "lesser-evil" that "means that the Gadhafi regime remains in power for however long. . ." It seems a logical conclusion, but wholly too gratuitous to Gadhafi AND to the imperialists. The analogy that comes to mind is somehow having a "position" as to who is better to support, the Mafia or the Cops? 

There Is No Need to take some categorical position of backhanded support to Gadhafi in order to oppose the imperialist intervention (no, I don't think you mean to imply that, but, yes, it certainly reads that way). We just need categorically to oppose the U.S. and NATO--period! Doing so, absolutely leaves open the question as to who should "win" in Libya, But That Question Is Not OURS Outside of Libya to Resolve. That is an issue for the Libyan People. I believe in the Libyan People and I do not need to speak about "lesser-evils" that include tacit support to the despot Gadhafi. 

Because the Cuban and Venezuelan leaderships think it is a good idea (or the former Democratic Party liberal now masquerading as "revolutionary, Cynthia M.) does not make it so. To refrain from our days in the U.S. anti-war movement, lesser-evil politicians supporting an end to imperialist occupation--even if in Gadhafi's case it is at the point of a gun--is THEIR contradiction not one we have to fall into. 		 	   		  

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