[Marxism] For the defeat or uncoditional end of the NAT) war on Libya

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 19 11:47:22 MDT 2011

On 7/19/2011 10:22 AM, Fred Feldman wrote:
> The antiwar action called for August 12 in Harlem by Cynthia McKinney, Black
> organizations,  Party for Socialism and :Liberation, and other PSL, and
> others in Harlem should be supported at this time, despite the fact that
> most of these forces have a basically support the Gadhafi regime I have
> learned in the recent period that there is more to political wisdom on this
> war than the ability to bash away at the pro-Gadhafi sector of the US left
> and denounce Gadhafi with unbridled  enthusiasm.

What could Fred possibly mean by "bashing" PSL? Or "denouncing 
Gadhafi with unbridled enthusiasm"? I am probably the only person 
who could be accused of such sins, even though I am much more 
demure about making my opinions known than Fred who seems to have 
a kind of obsession with Libya at this point. I can't remember how 
many posts he has made since February 15th but surely it must be 
hundreds at this point.

More to the point, I never write about Libya except to point out 
some bullshit that is found on Counterpunch, MRZine, Global 
Research or PSL. Like my latest about Libya being bombed by NATO 
because Qaddafi was opposed to American bases in Africa. When I 
read something that is *counter-intuitive*, my tendency is to do 
some research and debunk it. If pointing out that Qaddafi's top 
military brass were chumming it up with the very same military 
brass that was in charge of putting American bases in Africa goes 
against Fred's sense of "political wisdom", that's a risk I am 
willing to take.

> I think the rulers of this country have made some significant gains with
> left public opinion in this operation.

This is preposterous. There is absolutely no support for the war 
in the Nation, Salon.com, et al. Dennis Kucinich raised the 
possibility of introducing a bill of impeachment against Obama for 
the war, but backed out somewhere along the line. Typical 
Kucinich, needless to say.

> How can we even defend the Palestinians in Gaza against US-Israel? Do we
> have to pretend that Hamas or the West Bank "government" have established
> post-second-coming regimes to recognize that the imperialist powers and
> their settler-colonial ally Israel represent a greater evil in this
> conflict?

And who in the god-damned hell is supporting imperialist powers or 
Israel here? I wonder if Fred's attempt to shadow-box with 
positions nobody supports here is his way of feeling pure. As 
Cynthia Cochran once told me, the left has a bad habit of fighting 
among itself because it is too weak to deal powerful blows to the 
ruling class.

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