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Tue Jul 19 16:05:41 MDT 2011

Steve asks:

>>A friend in Japan has asked me whether Robert's Rules of Order are recognized or used in all countries (nation-states, including failed states), >>especially as a form of parliamentary procedure. I have not a clue about how to answer his question. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There are two dominant traditions in English speaking countries.

I believe that Robert's is based on the U.S. House of Representatives'
rules, but it is really designed to be used in non-governmental
organizations, and is so used in many countries. I've never heard of
Robert's as such being used in an actual legislature, but I suppose
it's possible.

The governments of most of the countries in the British commonwealth
follow procedures based on Erskine May’s "The Law, Privileges,
Proceedings and Usage of Parliament from Britain."

Canada uses its own unique variant, built largely around Arthur
Beauchesne’s "Parliamentary Rules and Forms of the House of Commons of
Canada," usually referred to just as Beauchesne's.

Ian Angus

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