[Marxism] Israeli spies killed in New Zealand

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Wed Jul 20 05:14:34 MDT 2011

The AP is reporting a story from New Zealand  to
the effect that an Israeli spy ring was discovered
in the aftermath of an earthquake in Christchurch
earlier this year. So, what were they conceivably 
spying on?

This reminded me of the obscure news item from
9-11 about a group of Middle Eastern men arrested 
in New Jersey and latter discovered to be part of 
a Mossad network operating a moving company as a
front. They were sent back to Israel and the 
informed reporting had them as in America to spy on 
Palestinian supporters in the US raising money
for Hamas. This got me to thinking of the pro-
Palestinian movement in NZ, specifically the group 
supporting the PFLP.

Do any of the NZ comrades have a take on this story?
Were there any indications that the pro-Palestinian 
movement there was being targeted for surveillance or 

Here in the 'land of the free' I know that Paypal and 
Facebook both suspended the NZ PFLP solidarity group
and of course the FBI raids in the Midwest targeted
the FRSO-FB group becasue of its international
solidarity work (including the PFLP).

>From the AP Report:

A New Zealand newspaper group is reporting that the deadly 
February earthquake in Christchurch unearthed a suspected 
Israeli spy ring.

Three Israelis died in the quake that killed 181 people. 
Other Israelis escaped the quake.

The Fairfax newspaper group, which didn't state how it 
obtained the information, said one of the Israelis who 
died was carrying at least five passports.

Fairfax said New Zealand Prime Minister John Key took 
four calls from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 
following the quake, and that an unaccredited Israeli 
search and rescue squad searching a cordoned area in 
Christchurch was stopped by New Zealand officers

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