[Marxism] Israel Shamir and Slavoj Žižek

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Wed Jul 20 14:32:05 MDT 2011

On 20/07/2011 20:23, Louis Proyect wrote:
> Despite my general aversion to Slavoj Žižek, I want to defend him 
> against the misrepresentations found in Israel Shamir’s Counterpunch 
> article from July 14th titled “Doing a Full Monty for Tel Aviv: Žižek 
> and the Gaza Flotilla“. As I will point out, Žižek is not above 
> criticism but Shamir’s article is nothing but a hatchet job.
> full: 
> http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/israel-shamir-and-slavoj-zizek/

Louis - you don't appear to mention it, but the 'quotes' attributed to 
Zizek by Shamir are in fact lifted wholesale from an article by an 
Israeli journalist on an obscure website.  That is, Zizek didn't say 
them - he may have expressed similar sentiments, which the journalist 
summarised in her own words, but the literal statements were not his - 
and Shamir knew this.


A side point is that the stuff about Madoff is loony and I don't think 
it should be defended here.  First of all, because it feeds into Zizek's 
argument that antisemitism is a major force in the US and Europe today, 
which - Shamir and his apologists notwithstanding - is incorrect.  
Secondly, because the antagonisms of the economy are always concretised 
in specific individuals and firms who, far from being scapegoats, stand 
as symptomatic of systemic failures.  I'm not aware that Madoff was 
scapegoated for the whole financial crisis, and there was nothing 
invalid in the execration poured on him and people like him.

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