[Marxism] Israeli spies killed in New Zealand

johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Wed Jul 20 18:26:04 MDT 2011

> The AP is reporting a story from New Zealand to the effect that an Israeli
> spy ring was discovered in the aftermath of an earthquake in Christchurch
> earlier this year. So, what were they conceivably spying on?

Not much I would have thought. One of them was reportedly found wih at least 5
passports although that's now being denied . . .

> This reminded me of the obscure news item from 9-11 about a group of Middle
> Eastern men arrested in New Jersey and latter discovered to be part of a
> Mossad network operating a moving company as a front. They were sent back to >
Israel and the informed reporting had them as in America to spy on
> Palestinian supporters in the US raising money for Hamas. This got me to
> thinking of the pro-Palestinian movement in NZ, specifically the group
> supporting the PFLP.

Yes, well the PFLP campaign is based here in Christchurch but there's no
indication that any surveillance or attempted infiltration had occurred. But
then, maybe they'd only just arrived eh.

> Do any of the NZ comrades have a take on this story? Were there any
> indications that the pro-Palestinian movement there was being targeted for
> surveillance or disruption?

Ironically, the pro-Palestine movement in Christchurch hasn't been doing much at
all. With our entire central city still a no-go area (and expected to remain out
of bounds for months to come) it's been very difficult to organise anything. We
couldn't even hold our annual Nakba event because normal venues were either
"red-stickered" (condemned or temporarily off limits) or unavailable due to
pressure on remaining facilities. Our normal location was in the "red zone".

> Here in the 'land of the free' I know that Paypal and Facebook both suspended
> the NZ PFLP solidarity group and of course the FBI raids in the Midwest 
> targeted the FRSO-FB group becasue of its international solidarity work 
> (including the PFLP).

Yes, I mentioned the Paypal development on this list a few days ago. I was
hoping someone might know of an alternative to Paypal (the Paypal suspension
only just happened) but apparently that isn't the case.

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