[Marxism] Israeli spies killed in New Zealand

Alistair Boyd-Bell andrensath at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 18:27:29 MDT 2011

The only real alternative I can think of is Western Union, but that has it's
own problems.

On 21 July 2011 12:26, <johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz> wrote:

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> > The AP is reporting a story from New Zealand to the effect that an
> Israeli
> > spy ring was discovered in the aftermath of an earthquake in Christchurch
> > earlier this year. So, what were they conceivably spying on?
> Not much I would have thought. One of them was reportedly found wih at
> least 5
> passports although that's now being denied . . .
> > This reminded me of the obscure news item from 9-11 about a group of
> Middle
> > Eastern men arrested in New Jersey and latter discovered to be part of a
> > Mossad network operating a moving company as a front. They were sent back
> to >
> Israel and the informed reporting had them as in America to spy on
> > Palestinian supporters in the US raising money for Hamas. This got me to
> > thinking of the pro-Palestinian movement in NZ, specifically the group
> > supporting the PFLP.
> Yes, well the PFLP campaign is based here in Christchurch but there's no
> indication that any surveillance or attempted infiltration had occurred.
> But
> then, maybe they'd only just arrived eh.
> > Do any of the NZ comrades have a take on this story? Were there any
> > indications that the pro-Palestinian movement there was being targeted
> for
> > surveillance or disruption?
> Ironically, the pro-Palestine movement in Christchurch hasn't been doing
> much at
> all. With our entire central city still a no-go area (and expected to
> remain out
> of bounds for months to come) it's been very difficult to organise
> anything. We
> couldn't even hold our annual Nakba event because normal venues were either
> "red-stickered" (condemned or temporarily off limits) or unavailable due to
> pressure on remaining facilities. Our normal location was in the "red
> zone".
> > Here in the 'land of the free' I know that Paypal and Facebook both
> suspended
> > the NZ PFLP solidarity group and of course the FBI raids in the Midwest
> > targeted the FRSO-FB group becasue of its international solidarity work
> > (including the PFLP).
> Yes, I mentioned the Paypal development on this list a few days ago. I was
> hoping someone might know of an alternative to Paypal (the Paypal
> suspension
> only just happened) but apparently that isn't the case.
> Cheers,
> John
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