[Marxism] Sympathy for the Devil: Oz op-ed gives the Murdoch line

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 21:04:55 MDT 2011

Yes fascinating. The doddering old fool defence was used by Bjelke-Petersen
the far right Premier of Queensland when he finally was gotten into court.
Pinochet too trod that path, as well as various concentration camp guards
along the way.

What surprised me about Murdoch though were the moments when the fool
defence was dropped.  Witness his quite sharp response to the use of
'endemic' in the question about 'endemic corruption at the News of the

He got the timing wrong though around "This is the most humble day of my
life" and it came across as very much like a carefully rehearsed set piece

The likely fallout now will probably hit the police the hardest. Cameron's
Old Etonian chutzpah will probably get him through.  Though he is in trouble
as the attacks on him by Ed Milliband show.  When the likes of Milliband
have a go at  you then you know you are in a very weak position.

What interests me though is what will be the result of all this in
Australia.  Anything that weakens the Murdoch Empire is a good thing.  And
maybe the next time that the leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, complains
about the Murdoch press attacks, then there will be a new resonance, that
will weaken the offensive.



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