[Marxism] Why Cenk Uygur left MSNBC after refusing to "tone it down"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 21 07:40:33 MDT 2011

I was partial to Cenk not just because he is a Turk. He was also 
one of the sharpest critics of the DP on MSNBC despite being--in 
the final analysis--just another DP spokesperson.

For the last week or so, Al Sharpton has been hosting his 6pm 
show. At first I thought Cenk was on vacation but it turns out 
that he was too critical of Obama and the other rightwing assholes 
in the DP. All he wanted was the DP to be more liberal. Fat chance 
of that.

For those not familiar with American politics, Sharpton is an 
African-American one-time FBI informant and "radical" street 
demonstration organizer in NYC. He has "matured" into a total DP 
hack who can be called upon to spin Obama's latest rightwing 
offensive against workers and the Black community.

Here's Cenk's take on what happened:


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