[Marxism] "Nationality's Role in Social Liberation: The Soviet Legacy"

John Riddell johnriddell at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 21 14:41:56 MDT 2011

Dear friends, 

The latest addition to my collection of working papers on communist history,
"Nationality's Role in Social Liberation: The Soviet Legacy," utilizes
recent research on Bolshevik nationalities policy in the early years of the
Soviet state.

The article begins:

Just under a century ago, the newly founded Soviet republic embarked on the
world's first concerted attempt to unite diverse nations in a federation
that acknowledged the right to self-determination and encouraged the
development of national culture, consciousness, and governmental structures.

Previous major national-democratic revolutions - in Britain, France,
Germany, Italy, the United States - had been made in the name of a hegemonic
nation and had assimilated, marginalized, or crushed rival nationalities.
The early Soviet regime, by contrast, sought to promote, rather than deny,
internal national distinctiveness.

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International's call for workers' governments.

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