[Marxism] Gilles comment on Greenwald

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 17:16:38 MDT 2011


You are correct here and with respect Gilles is wrong.  It is vital to
monitor the shifts and rifts and rips in the intellectual caste that hang
around the ruling circles.  Richard Seymour understands that very clearly
and that is why his blog on the Murdoch circle outside London is required

When the ruling class begin to lose legitimacy this shows up first in those
intellectual circles which are designed to produce that same legitimacy.
Greenwald is reflecting the pressure being put on all of us by the ruling

This morning after checking Lenin's Tomb (Bless the Boy from Ballymena).  I
read his very sharp critique of a Daily Mail article on the Murdochs.  I
then googled for images of Burford Priory where Elizabeth Murdoch and her
husband Matthew Freud live.

This is where they hold court and where the ass lickers and the time servers
swarm around them. All in one huge grovel. It is also where the calls for
austerity and cuts in pensions and welfare come from.

It is of course normal, healthy and natural to feel disgust when one reads
that someone like David Milliband was part of the party. But it is also
crucial to note that the courtiers perform a vital function for the ruling
class, and when they cannot do that the rulers are in danger.

Obama too pays court to the rich and the powerful and people like Greenwald
are beginning to sicken at what they see & that is why it is vital to
monitor such movements and to respond generously to them.

An alternative consciousness is trying to be born, comrades. We should have
the Welcome mat out.



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