[Marxism] Gilles comment on Greenwald

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 22 06:16:28 MDT 2011

> Of course, keeping pace with the like of Cenk Uygur, Glenn Greenwald, and
> Firedoglake, is worth the curiosity, and Gary is absolutely correct that it is
> worth ("vital" may be a bit excessive) "to monitor the shifts and rifts and rips
> in the intellectual caste that hang around the ruling circles."
> However, none of these people, including Ralph Nader, whose campaigns I supported
> in 2004 and 2008, did anything but try to make the Democratic Party closer to a
> mythical past. None of them has ever broken with the actual stucture. It's all
> about a better, nicer, kinder, organizational, structural democratic system.
> Where I think both Lou and Gary, in all due respect,  fall short is that they
> welcome the brouhaha among the elites, but fail to notice that the "brouhahaers"
> are in no way breaking with the system. So, when a Cenk Uygur pushes the
> enveloppe, without even threatening the structure, he is pushed out.
> None of these people struggles for a different system. So, notwitstanding my
> respect for Gary and Lou, I shall stick to where I stand -- back to Debs, Jaures,
> et al....and I shall keep struggling on Swans, even if I do not undestand it all.
> Time to go back to work.
> In solidarity,
> Gilles
> Swans.com

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