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Greenwald despite being a liberal has come round to a anti-imperialism view of sorts.

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> Gilles: " However, none of these people, including Ralph Nader, whose
> campaigns I supported in 2004 and 2008, did anything but try to make the
> Democratic Party closer to a mythical past. None of them has ever broken
> with the actual stucture. It's all about a better, nicer, kinder,
> organizational, structural democratic system."
> This is true, and any particular person (Nader, Greenwald, whoever) may or
> may not ever break with the system itself. But it is entirely likely that
> people who READ Nader or Greenwald WILL do so, and hence the importance of
> following developments in such circles. Greenwald these days, even more than
> Nader, is really doing a great job in his columns of showing how rotten the
> entire system is. Not the system of capitalism, which isn't his chosen
> target, but the system of bourgeois "democracy." And the more people he can
> disillusion in that system, the more will come to understand that the
> economic system will have to be changed before any semblance of real
> democracy can occur.
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