[Marxism] Jonathan Fast Transcripts

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 13:55:58 MDT 2011

My spouse recently closed the used bookstore she had operated for 30
years as a result of a developer buying the block and evicting
everybody.  Among the stuff that was hiding itself therein are several
typewritten manuscripts from 1969-70, apparently written for a
master's class on SE Asia with a Marxist perspective.  The author,
Jonathan Fast, appears to be the same individual who wrote a number of
books on the Philippines in the 70s and 80s and who had an article
published in New Left Review in 1972.  I've tried searching for him on
the Internet with negative results.  If any knows of his whereabouts
or those of his heirs if he's passed on, please let me know so that we
can return these items to him or his family.  Included among this
material is a confidential report about a right wing business seminar
on "investment opportunities" in the Philippines he was mistakenly
invited to in London in 1973 as an "economic expert" on the subject.
His unflattering and astute 'fly on the wall' description of this
event and its participants is amusing, but the author asked that it
not be published for security reasons, noting that not even a
representative of the UK Philippine Embassy was allowed to attend.  40
years later perhaps those concerns have been vitiated.

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