[Marxism] New Title in the HM Book Series: In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg Selected Writings of Paul Levi Paul Levi. Edited and introduced by David Fernbach

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In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg
Selected Writings of Paul Levi
Paul Levi. Edited and introduced by David Fernbach

Paul Levi remains one of the most interesting and controversial
figures in the early history of the Communist movement. As leader of
the KPD after the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, he
successfully built up a party of a third of a million members, but by
1921 Comintern pressure for ‘Bolshevisation’ forced Levi’s resignation
and expulsion. Until his early death in 1930 he remained ‘a
revolutionary socialist of the Rosa Luxemburg school’ (Carl von
Ossietsky), and was described by Albert Einstein as ‘one of the
wisest, most just and courageous persons I have come across’. The
first English edition of Levi’s writings fills a long-standing gap in
the documents of German Communism.

Biographical note
David Fernbach, studied at London School of Economics. Freelance
writer, editor and translator. Publications include the three-volume
edition of Karl Marx’s Political Writings (Penguin 1973-4, reissued
Verso 2010), and The Spiral Path: a gay contribution to human survival
(1981). Translations include Marx’s Capital Volumes Two and Three, and
works by Georg Lukacs, Rudolf Bahro, Boris Groys, Nicos Poulantzas,
Pierre Bourdieu, Alain Badiou and Jacques Rancière.

People interested in Communist history from either an academic or an
activist perspective.

Table of contents

Part One: Leading the KPD
Address to the Founding Congress of the KPD
Letter to Lenin (1919)
The Munich Experience: An Opposing View
The Political Situation and the KPD (October 1919)
The Lessons of the Hungarian Revolution
The World-Situation and the German Revolution
The Beginning of the Crisis in the Communist Party and the International
Letter to Loriot

Part Two: The March Action
Our Path: Against Putschism
What Is the Crime? The March Action or Criticising It?
Letter to Lenin (1921)
The Demands of the Kommunistische Arbeitsgemeinschaft

Part Three: The Soviet Question
Letter to Clara Zetkin
Introduction to Rosa Luxemburg’s pamphlet The Russian Revolution
Introduction to Trotsky, The Lessons of October
The Retreat from Leninism
After Ten Years
Approaching the End

Part Four: The German Republic
The Murder of Erzberger
The Needs of the Hour
Why We Are Joining the United Social-Democratic Party
The Assassination of Rathenau	
The Situation after Rathenau’s Death
The Reich and the Workers
The Defenders of the Republic
After the Oath


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