[Marxism] New HM Book Series Title: Monsters of the Market Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism by David McNally

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Monsters of the Market
Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism
David McNally

Monsters of the Market investigates the rise of capitalism through the
prism of the body-panics it arouses. Drawing on folklore, literature
and popular culture, the book links tales of monstrosity from early-
modern England, including Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, to a spate of
recent vampire- and zombie-fables from sub-Saharan Africa, and it
connects these to Marx’s persistent use of monster-metaphors in his
descriptions of capitalism. Reading across these tales of the
grotesque, Monsters of the Market offers a novel account of the
cultural and corporeal economy of a global market-system. The book
thus makes original contributions to political economy, cultural
theory, commodification-studies and ‘body-theory’.

Biographical note
David McNally, Ph.D (1983) is Professor of Political Science at York
University, Toronto. He is the author of five previous books and has
published widely on political economy, Marxism, and contemporary
social justice movements.

All those interested in Marxism, cultural studies, global political
economy, as well as students of literature, folklore and popular

Table of contents

1. Dissecting the Labouring Body: Frankenstein, Political Anatomy and
the Rise of Capitalism
‘Save my body from the surgeons’
The culture of dissection: anatomy, colonisation and social order
Political anatomy, wage-labour and destruction of the English commons	
Anatomy and the corpse-economy
Monsters of rebellion
Jacobins, Irishmen and Luddites: rebel-monsters in the age of
The rights of monsters: horror and the split society

2. Marx’s Monsters: Vampire-Capital and the Nightmare-World of Late

Dialectics and the doubled life of the commodity
The spectre of value and the fetishism of commodities
‘As if by love possessed’: vampire capital and the labouring body
Zombie-labour and the ‘monstrous outrages’ of capital
Money: capitalism’s second nature	
‘Self-birthing’ capital and the alchemy of money
Wild money: the occult economies of late-capitalist globalisation
Enron: case-study in the occult economy of late capitalism
‘Capital comes into the world dripping in blood from every pore’

3. African Vampires in the Age of Globalisation
Kinship and accumulation: from the old witchcraft to the new
Zombies, vampires, and spectres of capital: the new occult economies
of globalising capitalism	
African fetishes and the fetishism of commodities
The living dead: zombie-labourers in the age of globalisation
Vampire-capitalism in Sub-Saharan Africa	
Bewitched accumulation, famished roads, and the endless toilers of the

Conclusion: Ugly Beauty: Monstrous Dreams of Utopia

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