[Marxism] Guns + God x Blackwater = Loafers (???)

Evil For All Time evilforalltime at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 15:57:04 MDT 2011

This "American Burden" of engaging war-minded activities for the sake of
“democracy” and “liberty” is a masquerade, a farce.
Instead, our country has remained steadfast in its war profiteering
programs, our contributions funding wars (both in economic cost and human
lives) are double and triple (quadrupled?) in comparison to other countries
as well.
Resources used to fund these and other countless projects engineered to
support our troops locked in combat ultimately must derive from an outside
source. A source that virtually untapped and is nearly self-replenishing
that can enable mounds of surplus streams of cash. That source has been the
national budget that was meant to sustain our country's growth and means for
prosperity. As shown in the collection of insurmountable debt that has done
nothing but reach critical mass levels with no signs of debt stabilization.


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