[Marxism] Vikdun Quisling, Breivik's precursor and mentor

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Tue Jul 26 02:01:38 MDT 2011

The last thing we need is another excuse for making a more  
authoritarian justice system popular/acceptable!

On 26 jul 2011, at 06.36, Tom Cod wrote:

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> Like Judas, we all know who Quisling was, what he represented and what
> his legacy stands for.  While Norway abolished the death penalty in
> 1905, it found Quisling's case an extraordinary one that merited its
> application to him.  The Norwegian people should consider similar
> action in the case of this guy.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vidkun_Quisling#Arrest. 
> 2C_trial_and_legacy
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