[Marxism] Jeffrey Sachs: America needs a 3rd-party movement

Dan DiMaggio dan.dimaggio at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 09:08:48 MDT 2011

It's amazing to read Sachs these days ...


Who runs America today? The rich and the multinational corporations. Who
runs the White House? David Plouffe, whose job it is to make sure that ever
word, every action of the president is calculated for electoral gain rather
than the country's needs. Who runs the Congress, on both sides of the aisle?
The lobbyists, who win in every negotiation. And who loses? The American
people, who have said repeatedly that they want a budget that sharply cuts
the military, ends the wars, raises taxes on the rich, protects the poor and
the middle class, and invests in America's future not just in Obama's
speeches but in fact.

America needs a third-party movement to break the hammerlock of the
financial elites. Until that happens, the political class and the media
conglomerates will continue to spew lies, American militarism will continue
to destabilize a growing swath of the world, and the country will continue
its economic decline.

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