[Marxism] Stalin was a muse?

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>From the Art Info website, "Why is a Russian Gas Oligarch Bankrolling the
New Museum's 'Ostalgia" Show?" (by Massimiliano Gioni)

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> http://blogs.thedailybeast.**com/daily-pic/2011/7/25/**
> ostalgia-a-giant-exhibition-**at-the-new-museum-show<http://blogs.thedailybeast.com/daily-pic/2011/7/25/ostalgia-a-giant-exhibition-at-the-new-museum-show>
> Stalin Was a Muse
> "Ostalgia," a giant exhibition at the New Museum, shows how the pains of
> communism made art matter more
> A still from a 2008 video called “Perestroika Chronicles”, by Dmitry
> Vilensky, one of more than 50 artists in “Ostalgia,” an excellent show now
> filling all five floors of the New Museum in New York. It presents Eastern
> European art made during or in the wake of communism’s last days. The
> exhibition’s title comes from a  German coinage referring to nostalgia for
> the old communist east (“Ost” in German). But that “-algia” suffix reminds
> me more of words like “neuralgia”, all about pain and discomfort. The
> amazing thing is that the painful repressions and privations of communism
> seem to have made it almost easier to make good, significant art. Even the
> most minor act of resistance and expression – and only minor acts were
> possible – had artistic power. Acting out, in one way or another, was what
> mattered, and it turned the entire world of aesthetics into a kind of
> theater of the absurd.
> Vilensky’s piece, from the fifth, “documentary” floor of the show, simply
> assembles silent footage of demonstrations that led up to the rending of the
> Iron Curtain. This was the real theater that mattered, but it sets the stage
> for the theatrics that artists got up to around the same time. Even if you
> weren’t acting on the historical stage, you could act out symbolically
> through art, and have that matter almost as much. (All five of this week’s
> Daily Pics will be culled from “Ostalgia”.)
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