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Well, Wikipedia tells me that Norway abolished capital punishment in
1905 but imposed it upon that rat Quisling nonetheless in 1945 as an
*emergency measure* in the wake of World War 2.  This might not be the
place to get into a stock debate about the death penalty which I
generally oppose.  For example, Israel, which in no means I seek to
defend, doesn't have it either, but made an exception in the case of

Leaving all that aside, the issue arises that Trotsky alluded to in
"Fascism: What it is and How to Fight It" about social democrats and
the Left being pathetic "politically correct" hang wringing wimps
whose impotence only further emboldens the Right, like a predator with
the taste of blood in its mouth.  In this case, in the manner of Mao,
Trotsky was on to a basic "Machiavellian" political issue:
progressives become the victims of pogroms or they fight back in a
meaningful and effective way.  Are we going to be out thugged like the
chumps by these guys have us marked as, making timid equivocations
like the Liberals and social democrats in 1933 about how bourgois
legality has to be upheld-for the fascists-or are we gonna "kick ass"
which is an aspect vassilating sections of the populace, including the
less enlightened sections of the proletariat look to, rightly or
wrongly; that "liberals" as a metonym for the whole Left, are a bunch
of contemptible "losers" whose fate we need not be troubled over.

Any way you slice this it, payback time is coming for this guy.  The
Labor Party youth gets massacred by this "CadreKiller" and we're gonna
make politically correct liberal apologies for him as a lone schizo
nut?  I don't think so.

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> Dear Tom, in the case of Quisling, the death penalty existed before the
> crimes he was convicted for. Nullum crimen, nulla pena, sine lege. If we do
> not want to be so barbarous as "this guy", we cannot invent a penalty after
> the crime was comitted.
> Thank you for your attention,
> Renato
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