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johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Tue Jul 26 22:51:02 MDT 2011

Manuel wrote:

> Marsh reply on the "achievement gap": " a good deal of the racial and ethnic
> achievement gap disappears when you factor out class, but not all of it. And >
I confess to having no more insight into why that should be the case than many
> scholars who study the question, who have plausible theories but little by
> way of definite conclusions. It remains a mystery and a challenge to our
> ideals."
> So, if you just "factor out" most of the people where there is a gap and only
> talk about those privileged enough to benefit from a capitalist education
> system, then it just goes away. "Class dismissed" indeed. Nice editing . . .

That's not how I interpreted that statement. I took it to mean that if you
factor out the bit of inequality that can't be explained by class, and he
believes that "a good deal" of inequality is explained by class - he says if you
factor out class and the picture looks less racially unequal - then it is clear
that class (which is heavily racialised) is the key determinant of inequality.
In other words if there is a huge overlap between racial and class inequality,
dealing with class inequality will go a long way to dealing with racial
inequality. He isn't saying it's the whole solution but I don't thin he's being
nearly as dismissive as Manuel implies.

He's not saying "factor out the working class, he's saying factor out the
non-class based racial inequality (higher percentage poor working class blacks
and Hispanics than whites) and you see that class is actually the biggest factor
and the most pressing one.

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