[Marxism] Greenwald on Sharpton, MSNBC, and journalistic standards

Dan DiMaggio dan.dimaggio at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 13:35:14 MDT 2011

The latest from "Democratic hack" Glenn Greenwald, on Al Sharpton's
vow on 60 Minutes to never criticize President Obama:


"How can a media outlet such as MSNBC that purports to be presenting
political journalism possibly employ someone as a journalist -- even
an opinion journalist -- who publicly and categorically pledges never
to criticize the President of the United States under any
circumstances?  That would be like hiring a physician who vows never
to treat any diseases, or employing an auto mechanic who pledges never
to fix any cars, or retaining a pollster who swears never to make any
findings about public opinion.  Holding people in political power
accountable is the prime function -- the defining feature -- of a
journalist, including a pundit; if you expressly and publicly vow
never to do that, how can you possibly be credibly presented as being
one?  And how can the political analysis of someone who takes this
pledge possibly be trusted as sincerely held, let alone accurate?
Note that this vow was not from three years ago; it was from two
months ago."

- Dan

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