[Marxism] South Sudan 'Independence Day'- Anybody Celebrating it just yet?

Pinchy Way pinchyway1 at aol.com
Wed Jul 27 18:32:28 MDT 2011

One cannot help but notice the confusion always amongst anti-capitalists (especially those most connected with Trotskyism past, present, and future) with anything that has to do with nationalism.    We've been following that CONFUSION - CAPITAL LETTERS with Libya on this list.  Well, we now have a new nation, Comrades!, but where are the anti-capitalist tendencies' commentaries about it?    I went to Green Left Weekly and saw naught, and it seems much the same elsewhere, too!   South Sudan what?

South Sudan 'Independence Day' was achieved July 9, 2011, but should we actually call that so called 'independence', South Sudanese Dependence on Imperialist Day instead?    And I believe that today, also, the United Kingdom, colony of the United States of America, announced that it had just recognized Eastern Libya as the official government of Libya, and not the government that rather firmly continues to hold power in Tripoli.   Is Eastern Libya, too, a new country in the making perhaps, that will be supported by so many on this list and elsewhere in the 'socialist' world?    You know, that thing about supporting 'self determination', never mind who is pushing for it and what it will mean in the real world of nontheoretical abstractionism???... but hard nasty, mean spirited Manipulation Land?

So we have this new 'nation' of 'South Sudan', whose people speak so many many different languages, but can communicate well only by having either Arabic or English as the national language.   Surprise!    They chose English.   Wonder why that might be?   Wonder which big powers have been pushing so for this split up of the old Sudan?    Save Darfur anybody?   Save Darfur from Jerusalem or DC? 

So will any of our socialist cells began to celebrate this new independence/ dependence day of the new nation state?   Will they begin to celebrate it as an affirmation of some thing they will inevitably call 'self determination'?   What say there?    Will the South Sudanese get phone calls of support from Kosova and East Timor, etc.etc. etc.?   Will the new Kurdish State under initial formation through the Pentagon give the Dinka bosses a call and say how great it is that they have achieved imperialist dependence after kicking the asses of the Shilluk in their new achieved Homeland?   Shall we now start supporting an international self determination support group for the Shilluk?    Can we ever have too much 'self determination' out there in this cruel cruel world? 

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