[Marxism] South Sudan 'Independence Day'- Anybody Celebrating it just yet?

Pinchy Way pinchyway1 at aol.com
Wed Jul 27 20:28:43 MDT 2011

 'I guess we are supposed to get agitated and start a new movement to re-unite Sudan or something.'

No, Mr. Proyect.   I know that you cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again once the fall has happened, so I was hoping that you would be first in line to call for the self determination of the Shilluk people, if you can spare the time?, of course, from all your theoretical work at Unrepentant Marxist and work also constructing the new US Anti War Movement, which I know you are deeply involved in.   

As you know, the capital of the Shilluk kingdom is Pachodo, near Malakai in the upper Nile region.  We are hoping that you can use your distinguished position to addd your signature to the following declaration and that you will then send it to the United Nations, the government of South Sudan, and also to your own president, Barack Obama demanding intervention to stop these atrocities from continuing in the Shilluk knigdom, whose self determination I know that you would certainly respect ...

South Sudan 
Nuer International Advocacy for Human Rights (SSNIAHR)
Public Statement
July, 25, 2011
The South Sudan Nuer International Advocacy for Human Rights (SSNIAHR) calls upon the United Mission in Sudan (UNMISS) to observe its mandate to protect the civil population from the SPLA.
Since South Sudan became an independent country on July, 9, 2011, the UNMIS should step up protection of civil population and monitoring of human rights violations.
Prior to the declaration of independence of South Sudan, the (UNMISS) miserably failed to fulfill its mission to monitor human rights violations in the entire South Sudan. The government of South Sudan’s security forces committed various human rights violations despite the presence of (UNMISS) in most major towns of the South. Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the government of Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir has been engaged in extrajudicial and other unlawful killings; torture; beatings, raping and other cruel, inhuman treatments or punishments.
In 2010, the SPLA army committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Shilluk Kingdom where Shilluk men and women were targeted as a result of Robert Gwang’s rebellion. Women were raped and men severely tortured. Until then, the SPLA forces who committed those heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity have not been brought to justice.
Before the incidents which took place in Kaldak and Mayom, civil populations were targeted in Fangak County where over three hundred civilians were killed and buried in mass graves. In April and May 2011, Nuer civilians were also targeted in Kaldak village and Mayom County respectively. Civilians in these areas were killed and tortured because they hailed from Nuer ethnic group. The SPLA soldiers who killed and tortured them were from Dinka ethnic group. The UN Report about Kaldak incident of April 23rd confirmed the motive behind the targeting of Nuer civil population as tribally motivated killings.    petition continues.... (These killings must be stopped.)

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