[Marxism] A response to Paul LeBlanc’s “Marxism and Organization”

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 29 08:30:16 MDT 2011

(A guest post by Pham Binh)

Although the following is written in response to Paul Le Blanc’s 
“Marxism and Organisation” essay, it is not a line-for-line 
response, nor do I believe that he personally subscribes to all of 
the positions I attribute to “Leninists” in general. I have 
nothing but respect for him and his life’s work (changing the 
world for the better); I have re-read his “Lenin and the 
Revolutionary Party” many times and referenced it occasionally as 
I wrote the following response. My hope is that it leads to 
comradely but sharp debate, something that is sorely lacking on 
the far left where insults, epithets, and name-calling are all too 


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