[Marxism] Humala- 'Poor are my priority'

Pinchy Way pinchyway1 at aol.com
Fri Jul 29 10:56:41 MDT 2011

Leftist former army officer Ollanta Humala has been sworn in as president of Peru, aiming to confront the high poverty plaguing the nation despite recent years of solid economic growth.
The 49-year-old former army lieutenant colonel on Thursday charted a plan for spreading the wealth from Peru's mineral boom beyond Lima, where it has been concentrated among a small elite, to long-neglected rural areas.

"We want to erase the word 'social exclusion' from our vocabulary and our reality forever," Humala said in remarks before a newly installed Congress and dignitaries who included 11 presidents, almost all from South America. "Peru's peasants and the poor in the countryside in general will be the priority.''
He quoted South Africa's anti-apartheid hero and former president, Nelson Mandela, in arguing there can be no democracy where misery and "social asymmetry'' persist.


His first acts as Peru's new president were to raise the minimum wage and increase pensions for the retired.   I'm sure that marxism list subscribers are following the news from Peru assiduously. 

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