[Marxism] Triumphant Turkey?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 29 12:29:13 MDT 2011

NY Times July 29, 2011
Turkey’s Military Leadership Said to Resign

The top commanders of Turkey’s military resigned suddenly and en 
masse on Friday, the semi-official Anatolian News Agency reported, 
in a dramatic signal of deepening tensions between the armed 
forces and the country’s Islamic-rooted government.

The military chief of staff, Isik Kosaner, sent a letter of 
resignation to the prime minister’s office on Friday, the agency 
said, without elaborating on his reason. The commanders of the 
country’s navy, army and air force followed shortly after with 
their own letters, the news agency said.

Earlier on Friday, Mr. Kosaner met with the prime minister, Recep 
Tayyip Erdogan, and President Abdullah Gul, according to local 
media reports. Mr. Kosaner as well as the army commander, Gen. 
Erdal Ceylanoglu; the navy chief, Adm. Esref Ugur Yigit; and the 
commander of the air force, Gen. Hasan Aksay, stepped down 
following that meeting, according to an account in the daily Hurriyet.

It was not immediately clear why the country’s top military 
leaders would resign all at once. The Associated Press reported 
that the move came only hours after 22 people, including several 
generals and officers, were charged in a campaign on the Internet 
to undermine the civilian government.

A rift between Turkey’s long-powerful, secular military, broadly 
respected in Turkish society, and the popular ruling party has 
grown wider in recent years.

The military has been under intense pressure from an investigation 
by Mr. Erdogan’s government, which recently received a renewed 
political mandate. At the same time, the civilian authorities are 
unlikely to push to hard against the military, which has staged 
coups in the past.

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