[Marxism] Alexander Cockburn responds on Lind/Bleivik

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 29 15:22:47 MDT 2011

 From http://www.counterpunch.org/cockburn07292011.html

Incidentally, on the topic of Breivik, we have had an enquiry from a 
reader noting that Breivik’s “Manifesto” has plagiarized material from 
William Lind, erstwhile Director for the Center for Cultural 
Conservatism for the Free Congress Foundation, and asking that since 
CounterPunch published material by Lind, what is our precise 
relationship to this contributor. The inference seems to be that we 
published racist neo-Nazi propaganda which helped inflame Breivik. God 
knows what he would say about our contributor William Blum, considering 
the late Osama bin Laden famously cited Bill as one of his favorite writers.

As any CounterPuncher can quickly establish by reviewing Lind’s 
contributions  through our “Search” function at the top of this home 
page, we published columns on the conduct of America’s wars by  Lind 
between 2003 and 2007, in the Bush years because, from a conservative 
position,  he was a trenchant and knowledgeable military analyst and 
critic of the US onslaughts on Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. Lind 
had been a participant of the military reform group, trenchant critics 
of the Pentagon.

His column was distributed by the Center and we would pick it up if it 
was on themes we cared for, which did not include Lind’s commentaries on 
many other matters, the cultural downslide of America and so forth.

CounterPunchers should know that its editors stand responsible for 
pieces CounterPunch publishes – though we obviously don’t agree with 
every word in the roughly 3,000 pieces we put up on this site every 
year. We publish and where necessary edit articles for  the edification 
of a large and intelligent regular readership. We don’t publish 
anti-Semitic or Nazi propaganda, as assessed by any rational person. I 
add this because many people eager to throw these terms around are 
irrational and usually malevolent. If you read our website with any 
frequency you will know where we’re at, as a left, radical enterprise. 
  We’ve always held it as part of our brief – stemming from political 
appreciation of the actual prospects here in the USA – that we should 
acknowledge positive political work and insights on the libertarian 
front and the right and from original viewpoints. Every once in a while 
some Trotskyite purist like Louis Proyect will hoist his skirts  and 
jump up on the kitchen table, aghast at the sight of an “incorrect” 
thought or assault by CounterPunch, often specifically me, on the canons 
of political and cultural PC as sedulously observed by this politically 
and intellectually demure old Trot. Then, when I say something he likes 
he’ll dispense a grateful bouquet.

We  don’t hold ourselves responsible for articles our contributors 
publish elsewhere. We have neither the time nor inclination to dredge 
through their lifetime archive on the internet to scrutinize articles 
they may have written one, five, ten or twenty years ago.  These days we 
get regular requests from contributors to purge our archives of their 
seditious thoughts because they are up for a job, or are in a tenure 
battle. A new search site has just been launched to enable the internet 
bloodhounds to person their blacklisting tasks more efficiently. That’s 
not our world.

  * * * *

Unfortunately, Alexander does not engage with what I wrote. I 
specifically said that Lind’s articles were not objectionable except 
one. I guess he still stands pat on this one unfortunately:

	4GW theory warns that we now face a world of cultures in conflict, that 
we must defend Western culture and that many, perhaps most, other 
cultures are threats, especially when they flood Western countries with 
immigrants. Cultural Marxism welcomes immigrants who will not 
acculturate precisely because they are threats to Western culture.

Rather sad, really.

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