[Marxism] Mexico's top 'Drug Warriors' squabbling among themselves over command in Ciudad Juarez, as current US-made drug war comes partially unglued

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Felipe Calderon and one of his hitman, Police Chief Julian Leyzaola, seem to be involved in a messy divorce of sorts.   Leyzaola gained his fame as former head of Tijuana's police, where he had numerous police there arrested and then tortured, all in the name of 'cleaning up' the city's police force!    Then he moved on to Ciudad Juarez where he was widely expected to do more of the same as the the new head of the Juarez municipal police.   However now he and the Mexican federal police, who have together with Leyzaola been the joint official guardians of Juarez security for the last several months, are engaged in some messy infighting.   Leyzaola accused the Federal police of trying to assassinate him just last week, and the Calderon government responded to this by cutting off in flowing funds to Leyzaola's municipal police force citing the municipal police force's lack of accountability!

The US funded drug war south of the border in Mexico, as directed by Calderon's PAN government, is becoming more and more unpopular.   As a result, the US and Mexican elites both seem poised to reinstate the PRI into the presidency at Los Pinos in 2012, as the PAN's popularity has plummeted downward.   This split up between Leyzaola and his boss, Calderon, is simply one more example of the chaos in policy there, as the country continues enmeshed in violence and corruption at all levels.

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The city’s (Juarez) top cop, Julian Leyzaola, said at least 20 federal police officers shot at vehicles carrying him and his bodyguards in the wee hours of Tuesday as the chief was traveling to the municipal jail to quell a riot that left 17 inmates dead.   City clerk Hector Arcelus dismissed the federal cops’ claim that the shooting was the result of confusion.

The federal officers are “perfectly” familiar with the vehicles used by Leyzaola and his escorts, according to Arcelus, who said it was “neither logical nor credible that they (the feds) acted randomly.”

Tuesday’s episode followed the killing by federal police of a member of Mayor Murguia’s security detail at a checkpoint in Juarez.   The mayor, who demanded that the officer who shot his bodyguard be charged with homicide, subsequently got into a shouting match with federal cops who pointed their assault rifles at Murguia during a chance encounter in the city. 

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Federal Police will not be withdrawn from Juarez, Mexican Government Says

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