[Marxism] Ralph Nader, What Will this Chronically Disillusioned, Delusional Democrat do in 2012?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 21:39:47 MDT 2011

Nader has always been prone to infelicitous formulations vis-a-vis the
Democratic Party, but had done essentially the right thing in the end.  The
thought that he will support Obama somehow in 2012, when he opposed him so
principally in 2008 strikes me as nuts

But I'm afraid I have zero patience with people who want to whine about how
Nader or someone else didn't do this for them.  My response is why didn't
YOU build some 24/7 political formation.

Still, years and years ago, I suggested a broad committee to promote
independent progressive political campaigns.   It would have a series of key
points and encourage campaigns around them with endorsements and funds.

Where we had more than one option, we'd use our support to encourage
insurgent unity around the strongest candidate within the platform of those

I raised it several times here, on various other lists, and personally.

The number of interested responses I got to this could be counted on one
hand . . . if it was the hand of someone who'd have been in a very bad
industrial accident . . . .

So, I repeat my question.  Nader aside, why didn't YOU build something?

The question is, of course, largely rhetorical.  Adherents of the Socialist
Vegetarian League - Marxist Leninist are, as always, tickled pink (which is
as red as they can manage in the real world) to point out the weakness of
the broader movement, as an argument why the future, in contrast to all
common sense, runs through its channels.


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